Actual games in the sports world continues to be paused. The NFL draft gets underway and we already have some questions and topics. Plus Tiger King, Levack and Goz themed t shirts were discussed this week. We appreciate you continuing to connect with the show via social media. Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media 

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Below are the early entries for this week's list. Make sure to continue to submit until 4pm today.

Vegas Nacy-Babe Ruth! Grandma and Babe Ruth

Fan of The Star-watch the Ozark immediately. Breaking bad is my favorite show ever and this rivals it.

Nick-I’d love to partake but I’m going no shave till we are all free !!!! This good get interesting

Joe-sleep? Sounds like you need the help of one of the three amigos; Johnny Jack or Jose!

William-will “ kiss my ass, and you don’t have to wear a mask for it” be the 2nd slogan on the shirts?

Monte-shirts? I see corporate received my letter...

DJ-start a moustahe for draft day

Gab-so sorry. I’m just seeing this


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