As the snow melts, that bright thing in the sky that we don't see often called a sun starts to make a more known presence. This can also be know as the resurgence of spring time.

That doesn't quite signify the spring for sports fans.

For many of us including me, you know it's that time of the year when you're sweating it out, picking 12th seeded Davidson over 3rd seeded Maryland to get into the Elite Eight. Just to be able to go into work as the winner of the office pool and have bragging rights for 365 days.

For some, it's opening up the closet and seeing that beloved New York Yankees shersey (T-Shirt/Jersey) with the #2 Jeter on it.  Throwing the YES channel on and watching opening day of the baseball season.

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Getty Images

The ultimate sign that spring is here for some, is that fresh Georgia green grass at Augusta. When the first major of the year The Masters, gets underway and the quest for the green jacket begins.


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