With just six games between us and Super Bowl 54 it's time to really start speculating on who will face off on Sunday, February 2nd in Miami. Never one to disappoint with odds our friends at BetOnline.ag have released the odds on outcome of every exact match up.

Super Bowl Outcome Props

Outcome of Super Bowl LIV

Ravens defeat 49ers                  9/2

49ers defeat Ravens                  8/1

Chiefs defeat 49ers                    8/1

49ers defeat Chiefs                   10/1

Ravens defeat Packers              10/1

Chiefs defeat Packers                14/1

Ravens defeat Seahawks           14/1

Chiefs defeat Seahawks             20/1

Packers defeat Ravens              20/1

Ravens defeat Vikings               20/1

Seahawks defeat Ravens           20/1

Chiefs defeat Vikings                 25/1

Packers defeat Chiefs               25/1

49ers defeat Titans                    33/1

Vikings defeat Ravens               33/1

Seahawks defeat Chiefs            40/1

Vikings defeat Chiefs                 40/1

49ers defeat Texans                  50/1

Packers defeat Titans                50/1

Titans defeat 49ers                    50/1

Packers defeat Texans              80/1

Seahawks defeat Titans             80/1

Texans defeat 49ers                  80/1

Vikings defeat Titans                 80/1

Seahawks defeat Texans           100/1

Texans defeat Packers              100/1

Texans defeat Seahawks           100/1

Texans defeat Vikings               100/1

Titans defeat Packers                100/1

Titans defeat Seahawks             100/1

Titans defeat Vikings                 125/1

Vikings defeat Texans                150/1

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