I already feel like a winner just having the 2020 NFL season kicking off but since The Rivers Casino and Sportsbook is opening today at 6 pm it seems rude to not go win their money. Last year I finished with 32 wins 24 losses and 3 pushes meaning if you bet $100 every one of my Locks you would have made $560. I'm not mad at that but I want more! So here we go with week One Locks, fan-free just like most NFL stadiums.

Okay so here's the deal every week I will pick at least three games and or totals for that week's NFL schedule. If I win I expect you to celebrate my brilliance publicly. If I lose it's all your fault that you listened to me on a bad week and I'll expect a public apology post haste!

The Season starts with the Houston Texans at the Kansas City Chiefs - 9. These two AFC powerhouses met twice last season Week 6 of the regular season and the Divisional Round of the playoffs. In Week 6 the Texans were able to come back from a 17-3 first-quarter hole to win 31-24. In the playoffs, it was reversed as the Texans jumped out to a 21-0 first-quarter lead only to give up 28 second-quarter points on their way to a 51 - 31 butt whooping. The key in both games was Houstons ability to run the ball and stop the Chiefs from running the ball. Texans paid a pretty high premium to get RB David Johnson away from the Arizona Cardinals so he better be an improvement to that backfield.

Texans + 9

The New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills look like two teams in very different states of development and I feel it's fairly clear the Bills are the better team. That being said I expect this game to play out a lot like the games last year. I see this being a hard-fought close game.

Jets + 6.5

In Tom Brady's 18 years of being a starter for week one of the NFL season, he has only lost three times. the most recent was the 2017 beatdown of the New England Patriots by the Kansas City Chiefs 42 -27. That was the game that Alex Smith and the Chiefs scored 7 times in the final 16 minutes and many, including myself, thought Tom Brady was done. Obviously he wasn't. I think he comes out with something to prove week one versus the New Orleans Saints and since I'm getting points I'll take "TOMpa Bay".

Buccaneers + 3.5

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