Alex Feuz talked with Keanan Lamb, Senior MLB Draft Writer & Amateur Scouting Coordinator for Baseball Prospectus on Wednesday afternoon just hours before the MLB Draft begins. 

Draft day in the world of baseball is always an exciting time, but this year will be different. We have gone from 40 rounds to just 5 in the MLB draft in under a year. We are obviously living in unprecedented times as a country and in the world of baseball a lot of unknown.

When it comes to the New York Yankees & the New York Mets they typically have two completely different game plans, but when it comes to round 1 tonight, could they have the same? Alex and Keanan discussed that very same topic. It's all about the varying strategies, and with more downtime, teams including the Yankees and Mets, have been able to build theirs.

Many Major League Baseball teams have furloughed front office members, various employees, scouts, minor league coaches, and cut minor league players. That being said, there are teams that have not done any of that. The Kansas City Royals & Minnesota Twins are two examples of that.

What does this mean for those teams that have shown their support & loyalty to their players? If you are an undrafted free agent, the Royals are just one example that may benefit from showing compassion to the players and have the payback be that players want to play for them.

The Major League Baseball draft begins tonight with coverage on ESPN starting at 7pm.

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