Some stars just seem to shine brighter on the big stage. Odell Beckham Jr is just such a star. Ever since number 13 broke on the scene last season he's make one unbelievable catch after another. The biggest was against rival Dallas Cowboys in a game his team still lost. That being said he never seems like a stage is too big or a spotlight too bright.

Tonight's game on paper isn't all that exciting but when you remember that OBJ went to LSU with Miami Dolphins play maker Jarvis Landry and this is Monday Night Football meaning OBJ and the Giants are the only show in town, expect OBJ to treat us to something spectacular.

I'm calling it! Dun nun nun dun nun nun! OBJ will make ESPN top plays for at least one thing he does tonight. Let's just hope this time the Giants can give him enough points to win the game as well.

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