Few things are as American as Cheeseburgers. The Cheeseburger is a staple of cookouts, family meals and ballparks just to name a few perfect occasions. Truth is you don't really need an occasion to enjoy a great Cheeseburger but today is National Cheeseburger Day so where should we go? Who has great burgers?

So I went to Facebook and Twitter to see where you all get your burgers and you guys came through big time! Here are a few of your suggestions and some specials for National Cheeseburger day.

A lot of you went with the staples Smash Burger, Five Guys and even Hooters. Saw some that grabbed my attention like Maxon's, Fred the Butcher, The Dog Haus and Crave. If you'd like to check out all the great suggestions on my Facebook click HERE and for a few of today's deals click HERE.

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