Willie McGinest was one of the key pieces of the New England Patriots dynasty, winning three Super Bowls for the Pats. McGinest is now on the NFL Network and shares his insight on not only his former team but all the major stories in the NFL. MiGinest joined Levack and Goz to share his thoughts on the New York Giants benching Eli Manning For rookie QB Daniel Jones.

I think it's important to point out not only does McGinest get it but it sounds like he supports the decision to move on the the rookie. I have been saying since the preseason that Eli Manning does not physically possess the needed tools to run the offense Pat Shurmur wants to run and Daniel Jones does. Willie doesn't go that far but it sounds like he sees that as a  possibility. McGinest also told us why he believes all of Tom Brady's contemporaries are leaving the game yet Brady keeps going strong.

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