Some people stay in the town they grew up in for the rest of their lives and they love it. Others make the move, near and far. Each time we try to consider quality of life as well as the the merits of the school system, jobs, am I close to everything I need? You get the idea. Well, the results are in and the Capital Region wins! Again!

The latest US News and World Report poll of the Best Places to live in New York have been announced and before revealing the top results I would guess that places like Manhattan, Long Island, Buffalo, Woodstock and Saratoga would be among the finalists. Let's see what they came up with.

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These are the best places to live in New York in 2021-2022:

#5 New York City - It is difficult to compete with the restaurants, theatre, parks and the enormity of Manhattan. It is a spectacular city but only came in at #5.

#4 Rochester - They credit the people of Rochester and the fact that many are choosing to live in the city now rather than the suburbs as part of the reason it makes the top 5!

#3 - Buffalo - Who doesn't love Buffalo? They have the Bills and now that they are a solid team in the National Football League all of us New Yorkers have the Bills!

#2 - Syracuse - "Who does #2 work for"? A little Mike Myers humor. Syracuse hits #2 in New York and also #63 in the United States.

#1 - Albany - Yes! Albany, the Capital of New York and close to the Adirondacks, the Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes! Congrats Albany!

Rankings were determined based on desirability, value, job market, quality of life and migration.

Classic Rock Road Signs of the Capital Region

The Capital Region ROCKS!

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