Worried about missing some great gambling action at Rivers Sportsbook because it's your wedding day? Well, worry no longer! This genius couple is bringing the gambling world right to your altar.

The folks at SportsLine tweeted this incredible photo yesterday:

This is SPECTACULAR! The couple in question, going by the hashtag #hisandherlihys, put together gambling odds for their wedding, a brilliant move for the 75% of people who will be bored for most of your wedding day. The question still remains, however, which of these odds are you willing to put money on?

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I'm starting right at the "first dance length" odds. This is the wedding equivalent of betting on the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, in the sense that you're making an educated guess based on past experiences. If I know the couple, or the couple's parents, are very sentimental, then I am HAMMERING the over on this one. Or, if I know the couple is just counting down the seconds until the party starts, I'm taking the under. For the sake of argument, I'll take the over here.

The easiest money here would likely be the "bride or groom crying during the ceremony" bet, which I would easily say yes to. This is a meaningful day for both parties, who have gone through a lot together to get to this point. One could be crying from the emotion and beauty of the day. The other could be crying at the amount of money that is being spent that day. The options are endless, and I will gladly take the -225 odds for "yes" there.

My sleeper pick for this exercise goes to the "ring bearer/flower girl going rogue" bet, which I would say "no" to. There's significant money to be made on this one at +375, and here's my thinking. A young kid doesn't want to be the boy or girl that screws up the wedding for everybody else. Most kids will follow the directions they're given in order to avoid scrutiny or any extra attention. Now, if you know the crazy cousin is filling one of these spots, then stay away. However, if I'm a friend of the couple who doesn't know the wedding party, I'm hammering it.

As always, bet responsibly, brides and grooms!

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