We are now getting closer to the first NCAA College Football Playoff rankings, which will be released on Tuesday, November 2.

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It comes just days after Halloween, and we will soon find out whether it will be a trick or a treat for a team like Cincinnati, who is looking to break into the elite after a perfect start to 2021.

The Bearcats are currently ranked number two in the polls, but are expected to start the first ranking outside of the top four in the fifth spot. Fortunately for them, the teams ahead of them, and all around them, are going to be playing each other over the coming weeks. If Cincinnati wins out, it WILL be in the playoff.

But that does not mean the Bearcats are a decent choice for Iowa bettors to back, unless you think this team can legitimately win two playoff games over some of the best teams in the country. Maybe you do: if so, back Cincinnati now at +2500 odds, before those drop over the coming week.

Iowa was the team in the spot where Cincinnati is now (number 2 in the polls) until a loss to Purdue derailed the Hawkeyes. But they are still in the mix, and have +7000 odds (70-1) to hoist the CFP trophy. Worth a play? Maybe for a few bucks.

Who are the teams with the best odds by Iowa sportsbooks currently to win the title?

Take a look here


Ohio State+550
Michigan State+8000
Penn State+10000
Texas A&M+10000
Ole Miss+12500
Notre Dame+12500
Oklahoma State+15000
Wake Forest+15000

While the loss to Purdue has pegged Iowa back, the Hawkeyes are still in position to possibly make the playoff, if things can go their way.

But at this point, you have to think either Georgia or Alabama is going to lift the trophy. It is risky to bet on the Crimson Tide, though, because a SEC Championship Game loss to the Bulldogs would end any chance of two SEC teams in the four-team playoff.

So who are you going to put your cash on from this list? While I would love to see Cincinnati win the title, and even just get into the playoff, it is very hard to look past this Georgia team which you can still get at +120.

Even with those short odds, you might be getting a bargain when compared to January.

I might take a small shot with Cincinnati as well, because they will be in the four-team battle if they win out.

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