They say when you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks. What do you do when you actually have no good quarterbacks?

After the New York Jets  43-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium. Rex Ryan sounded lost in his post-game press conference when asked about what the team will do regarding his QB.


Geno Smith went out threw three interceptions, and had a 0.00 passer rating. Mike Vick came in and led the offense to 23 points, but looked nothing like a viable quarterback option with his two fumbles and an interception.

"I would love to start," said Vick, who hasn't started a game since early last season with the Philadelphia Eagles. "I don't mind that at all. ... Coach hasn't told me anything. The only thing I can do is just keep preparing myself to play."

With no real viable option out on the market, and only at the halfway mark of the season what do the Jets do now?


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