This is a long-standing emotional battle for me. What to do with the Oklahoma City Thunder?

I love Kevin Durant. I love his diversified game. I love his ability to shoot over a defense, handle the ball, accelerate to the rim, his good-guy personality. It's all awesome to watch.

Even more so, I love watching Russell Westbrook. I love his tenacity, his relentlessness and his ability to take over a game.

But they play for the Thunder... The same Thunder that left Seattle under the guise and scumbaggish-ness of owner Clayton Bennett. He said he would try to keep the Sonics in Seattle, and he didn't. He moved them to OKC, where he had wanted them all along.

I love Durant and Westbrook, but can I really root for them to hoist a trophy and raise banners? Durant was a Sonic for one season, any banners should be being raised in Seattle.

I'll root for their personal successes, but I can't root for Clayton Bennett.