I've told you the story before: I don't have an NBA team. After the Seattle SuperSonics left town to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, I stopped rooting for a specific team, or a specific city. It was crushing to see the Sonics leave, but in a way, it was also liberating, as I'm now free to watch basketball just for the sake of watching basketball.

I no longer root for a team. I root for stories. And people.

That is why I was rooting hard for the Cavaliers to win the NBA title. LeBron James returning home to Ohio to win for a championship-starved city. That's how Red Sox nation felt. That's what Oakland felt a year ago with the Warriors. That's what Seattle felt a few years ago with the Seahawks.

It's nice to see the struggling fans rewarded.

I rooted for Kyrie Irving, the one-year Duke product that my Duke-fan brother was telling me about long before he was an NBA star.

But most importantly, on Father's Day, I rooted for my dad: The Akron native who has never seen a Cavs championship, or a Browns championship. Sure, he has titles from Ohio State football and the White Sox, but never one from the exact city he grew up, the city he shares with the King himself.

So yes, I root for stories: That's why I rooted for Derek Jeter and Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant at the end of their careers.

Sometimes stories are better than teams.

Congrats, Dad.