There's no such thing as an off-season when it comes to yelling at referee's. On Tuesday, Wichita State men's head basketball coach Gregg Marshall took it to a whole new level. During an exhibition game in Montreal, emphasis on "exhibition", Marshall decided to run onto the court and go after the referee's after one of his players was called for a foul on a box-out. Marshall had to be restrained by players from both sides and assistant coaches before he was ejected.

Here's the video of Marshall's tirade:

Ironically, there was no "love" at Love Competition Hall between Marshall and the refs.

“I’m definitely not proud of my reaction to that situation, but at some point your players have to know you’re going to stand up for them and you’ve got some fight in you,” Marshall said. “Once I reacted, I said ‘I might as well get my money’s worth.’”

Marshall also went on to say that irritating calls piled up, and it was the box-out call that finally set him off.

"There were players with stitches, concussions, not keeping score accurately, a bloodbath, then touch fouls on us," Marshall told ESPN's Andy Katz on Wednesday. "I'm not happy nor proud of the reaction but when is enough, enough? I want my players to know I've got their back. Once ejected, I wanted the ref to know exactly my impression of his work."

Wichita State ended up defeating McGill University 77-71.