Perhaps there was more to Jason Kidd abruptly retiring last week? What he explained as a decision that came to him seemingly overnight may have been much more then that.

According to published reports Kidd wants to be the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets fired Avery Johnson then named P.J. Carlesimo as the replacement. After flaming out in the 1st round against a beaten up Chicago team, the Nets let Carlesimo go.

Now enter future hall of famer Kidd. he has no coaching resume except his "coaching" on the court as the point guard and quarter back if you will.

The Nets have been turned down already by Phil Jackson. They have made overtures to Jeff Van Gundy among others.

The big question in relation to Kidd is will the Nets be tempted to turn over a ball club that is clearly a contender needing a few tweaks to a recently retired player?

It was thought the Nets top choice at this moment is Brian Shaw, an assistant with the Indiana Pacers. Reportedly Shaw will get another interview this week with the Nets and if reports are true Kidd will get a sit down with Nets G. M. Billy King as well.

As for Kidd's stated desire to retire now and go into coaching and possibly broadcasting, he also mentioned spending more time with his kids. Seems the kids will have to wait if Kidd's bid to be a head coach finds willing ears with the Nets.

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