This season the New York Knicks clearly "Tanked" in an effort to land the number one overall pick in the draft. There were moments where all Knicks' fans envisioned Duke's Zion Williamson as well as two max contract free agents in blue and orange next season. Now we're grateful to have Duke's RJ Barrett but very unsure who if any free agents will be joining him.

All signs pointed to the Knicks being the favorite to sign Golden State's Kevin Durant and possibly Boston's Kyrie Irving or Charlotte's Kemba Walker. Since those rays of hope filled my head with thoughts of Zion, Durant and Walker everything that could go wrong for the Knicks has gone wrong. Durant ruptured his Achilles, Kemba was named to the All NBA team meaning he can now resign with Charlotte for a Super-Max deal and Kyrie is linked to Brooklyn. I've gone from dreams of 50 wins and a playoff run to looking at next year's draft class hoping to win the lottery!

Here's ESPN's Top 30 Agents...who do you think the Knicks can sign and who do you want?

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