If you're in-need of a new favorite sports team, might I suggest moving to New York?

From major league, to minor league, to collegiate and beyond, the Empire State houses countless big-time sports programs, all of whom have passionate fans who support these teams day-in and day-out.

Some of New York's teams and fanbases are so great, in fact, that they've been recognized among the best "sports cities" in America. Did your hometown make the cut?

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Two Upstate New York Cities Listed Among Best "Sports Cities" in America

The folks over at WalletHub have done it again; this time, they've completed a study that has identified the best, and worst, sports cities/markets in America. The experts at WalletHub compared 397 cities across more than 50 key metrics related to the five largest sports in the U.S. (football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey), which allowed them to generate their ranking system.

Two Upstate New York cities --- Buffalo and West Point --- were recognized as top sports cities, with Buffalo ranked as the 2nd-best midsize city, and West Point tabbed as the third-best small city.

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The 50 key metrics mentioned above were all used to generate a total score, which is the metric that WalletHub used to generate their overall rankings. Cities were also given individual sport rankings based on their city's representation in each of the five sports listed above.

New York City, for example was ranked sixth in the country for football, eighth for basketball, first for baseball, ninth for hockey and fourth for soccer.

Buffalo was ranked as the 13th-best football city in the country, for what it's worth.

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Here were a few other highlights from this story, specific to New York:

  • New York City is the fourth-best large sports city, behind Los Angeles, Boston and Pittsburgh.
  • Syracuse (31) and Rochester (78) were ranked among the best midsize cities.
  • Hamilton (20), Stony Brook (64), Ithaca (67) and Albany (89) were ranked among the small sports cities.

Green Bay, WI was ranked as the best midsize city, while Clemson, SC was tabbed as the best small sports-centric city.

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