Check out WWE wrestler CM Punk completely decking a fan in the stands for no reason.  No, this is not a wrestling setup.  The fan definitely gets walloped for real.

WWE wrestler CM Punk lost his temper during on Monday night in Sacramento during an episode of Raw.  When CM Punk was bumped a few times by fans in the stands (which is basically par for the course), he turned around and decked a fan in the face.  WWE released the following BS statement about CM’s brain activity being MIA:

"During last night's Raw televised event, WWE Superstar CM Punk exited the ring into the stands as part of the show. WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk's persona as a 'bad guy,' fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck in him in the kidney and on the back. WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment. Other than this isolated incident, WWE always provides proper security to ensure the safety of our fans and our performers."

That statement is so one-sided, it’s unbelievable.  CM Punk wasn’t hit in the face by anyone in the crowd.  Punk was lightly pushed by a fan.  Yet, Punk didn’t turn around and lightly push the fan back.  He turned around and delivered a nasty forearm to the fan’s mug.  Ouch.

This guy Punk is a complete hypocrite.  He jumped all over Chris Brown for domestically abusing Rihanna.  I didn’t have a problem with Punk’s initial stance until he abused someone himself.  Practice what you preach, Punk.  Don’t rant and rave about another person abusing someone only to turn around and do nearly the exact same thing.  Below is a video of CM Punk calling out Chris Brown.  A wonder if the fan that Punk decked felt “weak, powerless, and scared.”  I’m guessing he did.

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