As we get closer and closer to being able to return to the ballparks all fans were forced to abandon thanks to COVID-19, I start getting nostalgic for the little things. You know, like an ice-cold beer at a Yankees or Mets game. Ice cold beers in team souvenir cups are a staple of the "Great American Pastime."  Some fans wear their ability to throw back beers at games as a badge of honor while some are a bit more discreet, but all 30 fan bases drink. So who's the winner when it comes to most beers consumed per game and can we start keeping "BPG" as a stat?

I found the story at where NJ Online Gambling surveyed fans all across the MLB landscape and it turns out Chicago White Sox fans lead the league in BPG (Beers Per Game).


According to the above chart, White Sox fans consume an average of 4.2 beers per game while the Mets fans throwback 3.5 frosty cold beers, slightly ahead of Yankees fans with 3.1 pops per 9 innings (actually they stop serving in the 7th). The fact that Philadelphia Phillies fans allegedly drink the least is a bit troubling to me. I feel like a 2.4 BPR in Philly might be a lie. The Phillies can't afford to pay Bryce Harper AND the Fanatic with those kinds of numbers!

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Here's the deal Yankees fans, I'm not cool with trailing the pack here. I think if we all start carpooling and taking buses to the Stadium this summer (when safely permitted by the CDC and local health officials) we can really raise our BPR and lead the league in Beers Per Game just like we lead in World Series Championships!

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