Yankees Spring Training rolls on and today is important because if Catcher Brian McCann is right Bryan Mitchell will be a key part to the Yankees success this season. There are a lot of "IFS" on the Yankees roster especially on the Pitching staff. IF Tanaka is healthy, IF CC has one more year left, IF Severino is ready and IF Eovaldi and Pineda can take the next step. IF Bryan Mitchell is ready to step in to the rotation OR Bullpen if needed that fixes some of the IFS.

There's only one IF I care about for the Tigers...IF Justin Verlander is pitching will we see Kate Upton in the stands?

New York Yankees:

Bryan Mitchell (R)

1. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
2. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
3. Brian McCann (L) DH
4. Dustin Ackley (L) 1B
5. Austin Romine (R) C
6. Aaron Hicks (S) LF
7. Cesar Puello (R) RF
8. Deibinson Romero (R) 3B
9. Dustin Fowler (L) CF

Detroit Tigers:

Justin Verlander (R)

1. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B
2. Justin Upton (R) LF
3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 1B
4. Victor Martinez (S) DH
5. J.D. Martinez (R) RF
6. Nick Castellanos (R) 3B
7. James McCann (R) C
8. Jose Iglesias (R) SS
9. Anthony Gose (L) CF