A temporary permit has been issued to FanDuel, DraftKings and other fantasy sports sites allowing you to bet again in New York. From the Times Union…

"As the newly enacted law requires, the commission regulates all aspects of interactive fantasy sports, including ensuring the operators put important consumer protections in place," Gaming Commission Executive Director Robert Williams said in a statement. "While the commission continues work on formal regulations for these games, these temporary permits get companies up and running in New York State while assuring resident players that safeguards are in place."

It's all about the money. The laws in New York against internet gambling like online poker are all about NY not getting it's cut. Finally it's been worked out about fantasy sports but what about other online gaming like poker. If you listen to the lawmakers against it they "Claim" to be protecting the public from fraud and gambling addiction. BULLCRAP. Every convenience story in NY is a casino with the lottery and stretch off games. The Southern district of New York several years back closed down online poker sites because they were using shell companies to collect and payoff players. The only reason was there was no clear cut way to get money on to or out of these sites legally. I can tell you I put money on and have collected money off these sites with no problem. The one I played on was totally legit the only pain was collecting and depositing money.

NJ has finally allowed online poker NY should follow it's lead.