Nick Swisher makes a positive impression everywhere he goes. He's never without a smile and some swag in his step. Swisher immediately endeared himself to Yankees fans when he joined the team in 2009, serving as a key member of that World Series championship team and nine years later, the 12-year big leaguer made a splash in Albany at the Center for Disability Services.


In his post-playing days, Swisher is still as close to the game as ever. Now an analyst for Fox Sports and a special assistant to the Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, Swisher gets a unique perspective of how baseball is changing; what teams value most in a player and how the game is taught at even the lowest of the pro levels.

With the Yankees and Red Sox headed towards a two-way sprint to the AL east title, Swisher weighs in on what will make the difference down the stretch and what trades might still be in the making for both teams.

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