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Patsos Calls For A Resurrection Of Siena Men’s Basketball
This is why I love Siena Saints head coach Jimmy Patsos. Some coaches have a down year and they tuck their tail between their legs and beg for mercy, not Patsos. Jimmy goes nationwide recruiting and letting the world know he and the Saints will be back!
Albany Empire Sign First Two Players
With the season opener at the Times Union Center less than a month away, the Albany Empire has signed its first two players. The Arena Football League free agent signing period opened Monday morning and the Empire reeled in two Capital Region products.
Would You Watch The 31 Hour Marvel Movie Marathon?
The final "Avenger's: Infinity War" Trailer has been released and now the countdown to what is sure to be a major blockbuster can really begin. I count myself among the biggest Marvel fans but I'm not positive I could handle a 31 hour Marvel Movie Marathon, could you?
Siena’s Roman Penn Has Heel Surgery
One of the many issues leading to a down season for the Siena Saints Men's Basketball team was losing Point Guard Roman Penn for the final nine games of the season. Penn suffered a stress fracture to his heel during a very promising Freshman campaign.
There’s An Aaron Hernandez Documentary!? [VIDEO]
One of the most insane stories of recent sports history has been the Aaron Hernandez saga. Here's a guy that had it all and threw it away to be a thug. Part of a potent one two Tight End punch for the New England Patriots it seemed as if there was no limit to how high he and the Pats could go. …
Free Cab Rides On St.Patrick’s Day
St.Patty's day is this weekend whoot whoot!!!. There will be lots of people celebrating and enjoying the Irish festivities going on within the Capital District.
From the the Parade to day drinking to even eating good o'l corn-beef and cabbage ( and Irish classic) or even chowing down on a R…

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