It seems this Bernie Fine Case is falling apart faster then the Packers secondary. Another "alleged victim" admits he lied.  Current inmate Floyd VanHooser who claimed he was molested by Fine now admits he made the whole thing up. VanHooser now admits that he was mad at Fine for not ponying up for  a lawyer on charges he faced. VanHooser also admits that he went along with "suggestions" from officers grilling him on his relationship with Fine.

Previous to this bogus victim we have the case of Zachary Tomaselli who claimed he was molested by Fine in Pittsburgh while records indicate that Tomaselli wasn't in Pittsburgh during a Syracuse Orangemen road trip to play the Panthers. Oh did I mention Tomaselli is doing time in the big house for sexually abusing a young boy. This case had stink on it from the start. Still to be sorted through are the claims of Bobby Davis and his step brother Michael Lang. Interestingly those fellas have hired famed abulance chaser Gloria Allred to represent them in a lawsuit vs the University and Jim Boeheim.

Boeheim originally blasted Davis and lang for basically goldigging. He was then lambasted for what  said to be  "harsh comments". The Syracuse coach later  backed off the comments and even apologized for them and the tone.

This case has basically fallen apart in my view. It was weak from the start. Can't say at this time whether Davis and Lang are lying about their accusations they were abused by Fine but I have expressed my suspicions and they continue to mount. 2 totally bogus victims and 2 with a very shaky story. This on the heels of the Sandusky/PSU disaster. I recall mentioning the pile on effect and a zeal to sue people. So far I see no reason to change my view.