You absolutely have to see this video. Alabama defensive end LaMichael Fanning channeled his inner UFC and WWE at once on Saturday against Missouri.

When I first saw this video, I thought, “Why is this a penalty?” Then I saw that the score was 42-10 with 2:19 to play in the 4th quarter. Then I thought, “Ahh, yeah, that’s pretty much going to get called every time.

You could make an argument that this shouldn’t be a penalty if the game wasn’t a 42-10 boat race. Missouri running back Russell Hansbrough wasn’t dropped on his head. He was picked up and slammed to the ground. Big deal. I think this play will be a penalty never every single time regardless of the situation of the game simply because of the way the play looks. It looks way worse than it actually is.

LaMichael Fanning is a 6’7” redshirt freshmen. The guy weights 297 pounds. It’ll be interesting to see if Anderson Silva, I mean John Cena, I mean if LaMichael Fanning will be suspended for this body-slam tackle.

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