Andrew Brill cover the Giants for 98.7 ESPN Radio and we grabbed a few minutes with him today to go over why the Giants didn't use the Franchise tag and what to expect from Jerry Reese and the Giants in the draft.

Well you can look at their teams and they have needs everywhere. So when Jerry Reese was asked that very very specific question he said Look we always go best available. Now if that best available fits a need, great! If it doesn’t, we will see if that best available if we have a log jam at that position then we will go somewhere else.  Usually he likes to go best available. Judging from his previous drafts, which we know hasn’t been very good, he has changed things a little bit. He (Jerry Reese) wouldn’t elobarte on what things he changed a little bit but this draft. Hopefully this draft is better than year’s past.  They love best available, it’s something they live by and stick to.