I can totally sympathize with soccer legend David Beckham; I can bend it like him and women dream about me all the time. Wait- excuse me - I have to laugh.

Okay I'm back.  Now what was I saying. Oh yeah Beckham. Back to our similarities in a moment. Now about woman and how guys are pigs and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Elle magazine, a British publication set a new record for purchases on their recent addition-that oh by the way featured Soccer star David Beckham. A NEW RECORD! And yes unlike the old guys joke about buying playboy for the articles this brit mag set the record based on the pictures! Hey I get that ladies. Like I said I share the burden. Wait be right back.

Ok now my Wolves are laughing..Be a good boy Seaver or no more cookies. bribery gets you everywhere. With Woman and Wolves!

See this is another thing in common. Now woman like to bill themselves as all wholesome while it is us guys that are deviant or like to look at sexy woman. Yeah truth be told woman are every bit even more so fascinated with looks and sexy.

A study not long ago said woman had more 'fantasies" per day them men. TRUTH FELLAS!

Trust me this addition of Elle featuring Beckham didn't set any records based on his Soccer stats and doubtful it was purchased en masse by men becuase "Bekks" is married to Posh Spice. No the ladies like to fawn just as much as the fellas. FACT!

Personally I like my 6-pack of Piels Abs more but hey that's just me. wait--Hey Curtis the wolf are you laughing at me now-dang dogs. They said if I wanted a friend get a dog.. I am re-thinking this.

Ok girlfriend you know who you are(s) and that's fine but it is time to fess up-You love to look just as much as we "pigs' do.. Oh as for me and "Bekks' and our common traits-I will save that for another column.

Meanwhile ladies-Elle magazine-June addition.  Don't say I am not here for you.