Today was the 16th week of "Cady's Corner," a 1-hour show covering all of the major headlines and games in College Football. Brian Cady will host the show every Saturday morning from 10-11am during the season, breaking down local and national teams every week.

Segment 1: Since we are about to begin the college football Bowl Season, Brian posed the age-old question that is debated every single year: do you want to keep the current BCS format, or create a new playoff system?

Segment 2: Brian was joined on the show by Jared Schwartz, a play-by-play announcer for Comcast Sports in South Florida. Jared and Brian discussed several issues including:

  • Jared's thoughts on Robert Griffin III winning the first Heisman Trophy in the history of Baylor University
  • BCS vs. Playoff System
  • Jared's opinion on the Big East and whether or not he thinks commissioner John Marinatto has done enough

Segment 3: In the spirit of the Bowl Season, Brian played a little game with listeners called "Guess That Bowl Game."

Segment 4: Brian quickly discussed the state of the Big East Conference, then gave his best bets for the first two weeks of the Bowl Season during "Show Me The Money." Brian's record entering the Bowl Season is 33-29-1.