R.A. Dickey has embarked on the worlds most amazing press tour of all time. After putting up an 8-13 record last season, R.A. set out at the beginning of the year with a movie and a book to promote through his play. With that pressure, as well as the pressure of holding up an organization, Dickey has put up an All-Star season that has defied all odds and made him one of the greatest storylines of the year.

There is no doubt that Dickey’s success has helped the sales of Wherever I Wind Up, his memoir that hit stores earlier this year. Now, the question is, can it effect the success of Knuckleball, the much anticipated documentary about the history of the pitch that is set to hit theatres September 18th. The documentary not only breaks down the pitch and what defines it, but also spends a lot of time following and interviewing Dickey as he is the active face of the pitch. Check out this preview of the film and make sure you check it out when it hits theatres this fall, as it’ll be the only chance you’ll have to watch the Mets late in the fall for years to come.