The college football bowl schedule couldn't be more jacked up if they tried.

The 2011-12 college football bowl schedule looks more like a sign of the Apocalypse than anything else.  There will be 35 bowl games with none of the games being played on the traditional bowl date of January 1.

There won't be any games played on Jan. 1 because it falls on a Sunday.  Although the NFL is in the middle of labor negotiations, rest assured that there will be NFL games being played on that date.  There is too much money at stake.

Okay, so no games on Jan. 1.  Fine.  But 35 games?  Seriously?  We don't need the New Mexico Bowl, the Shake Weight Bowl, and the God Awful Bowl?  Teams who are the definition of average shouldn't be rewarded.  I don't know about you, but I never got any gifts for getting C's on my report card.