Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan met with the petulant Dwight Howard on Wednesday in an attempt to update the big man on their plans going forward and to try to get him to be a part of them for the long run. Howard, however, was not so receptive.

During the meeting, he told Hennigan that his request for a trade still stands and that if he was a member of the Magic past next season's trade deadline, he would leave the team in free agency. The Magic have slowed down trade talks with teams after declaring that they needed to see better offers in order to think about moving Howard.

I can't say that I blame Howard for wanting to leave Orlando, but to be so downright crass about the whole situation is disgusting. Even more disgusting to me is the fact that fan reaction to the Dwightmare has been measured compared to their reaction towards LeBron James' "Decision." If LeBron's headband is a little wider than usual, the Twitterverse practically implodes. But Dwight Howard holds an entire team hostage, and nothing.

Either way, the Dwightmare continues, and it will continue for a long time by the looks of it.