Okay, so some goofball- probably a lower level employee- got loose and got stupid with an ESPN story about Jeremy Lin. Whomever this person was wrote about Lin " A Chink in the Armor" as a headline. It was a story about Lin and his 9 turnovers in the previous game, a loss to New Orleans.

It's possible this person didn't know the connotation about using that word with Asians. Of course, with the race baiting and speech commie folks they wouldn't stop to even ask if that's the case. I am not saying it is but it's possible.  See, hard as it is for the politically-correct losers and the speech commies to understand, not everyone knows all of these put-downs and dumb comments.

You listen to the disease of political correctness and the speech commies and their whole world is playing "gotcha" and accusing everyone of being a racist or something along those lines. It's part of the dumbing down of America. Dialogue--No..Just make ugly accusations.

The only down part of the Lin story is the speech commies and narrow minded have popped their ugly heads out again. Floyd Mayweather, who said nothing racial, was branded. Jason Whitlock, for making a dumb joke, was branded. Sadly, folks, this is a large (and growing larger) portion of our sick society.

Everyone is a racist..Everyone is a bigot. Everyone is a hater!  Nonsense! Some people just say dumb things. Some try and be funny and put their foot in their mouth. I know this first hand. I have done this.

In regards to the ESPN employee it is very possible it is a young person who doesn't know these racial comments, because frankly the country is in a good place when it comes to acceptance and getting along with those that are different from you. Now the race baiters and speech commies believe that everyone hates and everyone has bad feelings about others that are different and that IS NOT THE CASE!

Lin has been a great story for sports, the country, Asians, and most of all the little guy who normally gives up after getting knocked down. Instead of that, we get the race baiters- which, by the way, is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Someone at ESPN made a big mistake, yet I see the usual branding and stupidity. Whom ever posted that comment will probably be fired (I disagree with that). the race baiters and speech commies won't care cause blood is all they want. Heads are all they want to see roll. Many of these folks consider themselves the most caring and compassionate of all, but nothing can be further from the truth. They are festering with hatred.

Personally, I mock them virtually every day- and will continue to do so. These people make me sick! They have no concept of the First Amendment of the Constitution and don't care either. They seek blood and heads to roll. The comment was made. ESPN apologized. Let's move on. I am sure tomorrow will bring more comments from the speech commies who are no better then Joe McCarthy. The country is  sinking in the cesspool of PC and these supposed "sincere, kind and caring" folks are the ones dragging our  country into the toilet!