When the Jets and Bills meet on Thursday night, there's much more on the line for Rex Ryan's squad.

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"My major takeaway is this," said ESPN's Field Yates, to "Armen and Levack", on 104.5 The Team, "the Bills could essentially play themselves out of the wild card spot this week.

"I know we’re entering Week 10 right now but if they lose Thursday night, they would fall to 4-5, the Jets would be 6-3 and two games up.

"Obviously the Patriots are 8-0 and if you look at the rest of the AFC, there’s not a lot of room for error right now for the Buffalo Bills. Tomorrow night, it’s not a must-win, but close to it."

And which team should we be favoring, according to Yates?

"I’m not sure I have a great feel in turns of the wins - loss column. They’ve both proven this year that they have capable teams on offense and defense."