This is just stupid I know she was prepped on it, I know its on the Teleprompter, I know she has seen it on TV herself because it’s the biggest story in sports….. but she still manages to screw it all up.



Yah honey that’s not the school, well at least not yet with the rate these crocked boosters are coming forward. I can’t believe that she would drop that bomb on the air. I understand that Miami is in Florida, but that is about as similar as they get. One has ties to 2live Crew and the other has ties to Tim Tebow which is like having a bat phone to the pope.  Someone needs to fact check the hell out of chicks before they hit the air with anything sports related, all these screw ups do is set back women years and years in the sports reporting world. But at the same time it validates the need for more groups of women sitting around a table and squawking back and forth at each other like a bunch of hungry seagulls