Yesterday’s Giants win was an epic comeback with more ups and down’s than the Oregon Ducks mascot in a shoot out. Eli Manning pulled off a flawless performance of Jeckel and Hyde, and the team somehow managed to win a game that we had no business winning over a team that they had no business losing to. As a fan, it was one hell of a trip. Me and Joe Bianchino, my Cover 2 co-host tweeted our way through the guts, to the glory throughout the game. Here’s how the drama went down, from the eyes of Giants fans:

Giants get ball first… Hakeem Nicks makes a big play

@GameOnBrixy Apparently that foot is alright. Nice start.

@Joe_1045 Beautiful... Establish the run now

Alas, no dice early

@Joe_1045 Wilson has to grab that ball. Drive killer

@GameOnBrixy Amazing how the Giants are immune to momentum. Drop number one of the day courtesy of David Wilson - his hands are exquisite.

The Bucs take possession, and establish their pass game

@Joe_1045 DJ Ware and Greg Schiano's Strahan gap teeth are giving me '07 Giants flashbacks

@Joe_1045 The Web isnt lookin' too good #CoreysWeb

@GameOnBrixy Corey's Web looking extra holey this year. New York Giants secondary, a study in un-athleticism.

The Giants drive down the field with a good blend of rushing and throwing, then attempt to throw a touchdown pass to quite an odd target…

@Joe_1045 Gabby Douglas is envious of this balance... #NYG

@GameOnBrixy WILL BEATTY?!?!?!?!?!?! WE NEED TO GET LESS ATHLETIC?!?!?!?!?

The half continues, and frustration begins to mount…

@Joe_1045 Cant afford a Diehl injury... The only thing Beatty does worse than catch is block #NYG

@GameOnBrixy Saw Hixon to do that half a dozen times to Coe in camp. Dude is brutal.

@GameOnBrixy Opposing Wide Receivers aren't even bothering putting moves on the NYG secondary. They run, they're open.

Joe B has the attention span of a strung out toddler, however he does speak the truth.

@GameOnBrixy Thinking about buying a Chase Blackburn jersey. Thoughts?

@Joe_1045 Legendary. Should get a 57, throwback #NYG

Back to the frustration


@GameOnBrixy Beatty on the pass route, Hynoski at tailback. What are we the Jets?

@Joe_1045 No, the Jets can score #NYG

@Joe_1045 @GameOnBrixy Eli, racking up costly picks... #NYG 0-16

@GameOnBrixy Well...At least it's almost hockey seas-OH GOD DAMMIT!

This continues for a while, it was a rough half. Allow me to fast forward to the glorious comeback by Eli and the troops…

@Joe_1045 Andre Brown: I GOTTA RUN GAME! HE GOT ONE TOO!

@GameOnBrixy That was the "Screw you guys, I'm just going to get this done," drive from Eli Manning - with an assist from Andre Brown.

@GameOnBrixy Run wild Black Unicorn. Run wild.

@Joe_1045 Eli manning = swagga out da buttcheeks #NYG

@Joe_1045 First big return since the 2000 Super Bowl... Called back. Somewhere Ron Dixon is shedding a tear. #NYG

@GameOnBrixy Honest question, what do you think Ron Dixon is doing right now?

@Joe_1045 Corey's Web catches another! #NYG #CoreysWeb

Again, Bianchino losses sight of the task at hand…

@GameOnBrixy Seriously? Bones is still making new episodes?

@Joe_1045 Bones looks good with the blonde locks...

@Joe_1045 @GameOnBrixy This is a must score drive. Its Eli O'Clock #NYG

And Eli O’Clock it was indeed as the Giants overcame a huge deficit to take the game 41-34

@Joe_1045 I heard this guy on "Cover 2" this morning talking about how easily the G were gunna win. What an idiot...

@GameOnBrixy I don't know what you're talking about, seemed pretty easy to me. BTW, unrelated, my resting heart rate is currently 112.