Ok so remind me again what that NBA lockout/work stoppage was all about?  Oh yeah owners crying as usual about paying players too much. As we have seen from virtually every strike/lockout whatever you want to call it the end result is a waste of time.

Personally I don't care what the players make but sometimes a contract raises an eyebrow and Blake Griffin's new deal is ABSURD!

This is based strictly on value and what the player has done. Griffin's new deal of 95 million over 5 years is laughable in my opinion. Griffin is talented no question about that but a max player-no way. In the world of ESPN and Sports center which is more about style and less about substance this contract is all about that.

Griffin can dunk and electrify no question. he is a good player no question but let's be honest a superstar? No way.

He is a liability from outside 17 feet. He can't make a free throw so he can't get the ball in crunch time. His defense is not bad but not bad isn't max contract.

As usual the NBA owners look and play the part of fool. They don't open the season in time. they get fans all mad and upset and when the play begins the wild contracts begin with it. Just look at the dollars being thrown around this off season. Average players  are hauling in huge dollars. Good but not even great players like Griffin make max deals. So remind me again David Stern what was that work stoppage about again?