nba lockout

Good Thing The NBA Locked Out-NOT!
Ok so remind me again what that NBA lockout/work stoppage was all about?  Oh yeah owners crying as usual about paying players too much. As we have seen from virtually every strike/lockout whatever you want to call it the end result is a waste of time...
Kevin Durant Stays Busy During NBA Lockout [VIDEO]
When it comes to the NBA, there's no doubt that Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league. But what other sports would "The Durantula" be successful at? Apparently, Flag Football is a viable option for the 6-foot-9 monster.
NBA Players Planning Exhibition Tour
According to ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard, several elite NBA players are finalizing plans for a two-week exhibition tour during what would have been the first two weeks of the regular season, while NBA commissioner David Stern, team owners and players' union executive Billy Hunter meet with…
Bryant Gumbel: Race Baiter
No one should be surprised by the latest hateful race based attack by B Gumbel. This fella has a history of seeing  virtually everything down the lines of race,be it sports,politics,culture doesn't matter. To me the funny thing and not haha funny is this guy in my opinion is the one with r…
Amar’e Stoudemire Says He Might Play Overseas
Amar'e Stoudemire is extremely wishy washy when it comes to potentially playing overseas during the NBA lockout.  Initially, he said he'd be staying home.  Now, he says he's chances are high he won't.  Wha chew talkin' about, Amar'e?