If the San Francisco Giants win the World Series this year, Hunter Pence’s bases clearing hit last night will live forever in baseball lore. Not only because it helped the Giants crush the Cardinals, but because it was incredibly bizarre.

It’s almost impossible to explain this hit, which is why I’ve attached the video. Pence, who has struggled thus far in the post season, managed to make contact with the ball 3 separate times as his bat shattered, putting a spin on the ball that baffled the shortstop Pete Kozma as it flew past him. The 3 run double put the Giants in fron 5-0 and effectively seemed to break the will of the defending World Champs.

As far as I know this play has yet to be given its nickname, so allow me to coin one. Since it was a ball, hit three times for a two base hit I am going to go with “The Triple Double.” Hash tag that, America.