Unlike other talking heads, when I am wrong, well, I am wrong, and I was wrong on Vince Young! Boy, was I wrong!

Now Vince, I hope I am wrong again by saying I was wrong but thanks to your lousy play and terrible decision making you have played your way off another team, the 3rd so far.

I mean Vince you got beat out by a guy named Tyler Pigpen-I mean Thigpen. Dude that is rock bottom. Would Kyle Boller have beaten you out as well?

For a few years now I have advocated VY as a quarterback that just needed a strong head coach besides Jeff Fisher and you would become what I and others thought you would become and here you go failing again. I hung around longer then most, even after  you failed in Philadelphia. Now Buffalo, with a shaky starter and a prime time chance for you cuts you loose and keep -YIKES- Thigpen. I mean seriously, Vince?

Bills coach Chan Gailey is an offensive coach and he didn't want you around. Same for Andy Reid.

Now listen Vince I know you don't care but I had to go on the air today (Game on With Bruce Jacobs, 3-7 pm on 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio) and admit I was wrong. Now it's not the first time or last that I will have to 'fess up but, Vince, so soon? In the pre-season, my man?

Pre-season fools the masses and I usually pay it very little mind, but Young's numbers from his last game vs. Pittsburgh were UGLY! 12-26 for a paltry 103, 2 INT's including one on the first play you were in for.

I hope someday Young gets it. I really do. I love his athleticism, I love his soft touch, I love his size but, man, how many bad picks can you throw? Football games with the talent so dispersed come down to a play or two most games. You can't afford to have those plays be VY picks.

Tyler Pigpen, Vince? Seriously? Gailey has no ax to grind. He has to win this year. The Bills haven't made the playoffs in 12 straight years, the longest dry spell in the NFL. Buffalo also spent money like a drunken soldier this off season on the defense. Ralph Wilson doesn't spend freely but wants to make another run before he runs out of time. Wilson is 84, according to wikipedia. He is on the back 9 of life, if not the final stretch. Hopefully he lives a long time, but Father Time is catching up as it does to everyone.

He spent huge on Mario Williams, the stud Defensive Lineman. Vince, if Fitzpatrick falters you could have gotten your shot at leading a team to the playoffs, perhaps.

As I sheepishly bow my head and admit my mistake I can take solace in one thing: I said you were better then Kevin Kolb last year and, on that note, I was right!!!!!!