I think it's time we seriously looked at this possibility. Sadly in today's hang em high before being convicted society many will think I am taking up for a child molester. Of course nothing can be further from the truth but it's time to go over the facts and that leaves me to think that former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine may be innocent of  being a sexual predator. From the moment this story broke I urged caution unlike in the Jerry Sandusky case. I won't recap the entire case but I smelled a rat right from the start. The only 2 times the "alleged" victim Bobby Davis claimed he was molested by Fine was after the orange won the national title in 2003 and rigth after the Sandusky disaster hit the publics attention. That was the 1st thing..2nd Jim Boeheims adament denial and defense of Fine. I trust that Boeheim is a good man and believe that he would never take up for a child molester. This case was investigated previously and no evidence or not enough was there to convict or charge Fine. Then we get this audio tape that the local Syracuse rag and ESPN both kept under wraps for 9 years. I further think it is possible that ESPN was used to promote this case. Then we had a '3rd' alleged victim who turned into a fraud and travel records proved he wasn't in Pittsburgh when he said he was so therefore he couldn't have been molested. Then we got a denial that this had anything to do with money. Then we find out that Fine refused to give money to Davis to pay tuition. 5,000 dollars in fact. Then we find out Fine's wife was sleeping with Davis when he was in high school.Hmm anyone say child molester. I had on my show Reverand Hoatsman who does honorable work helping abused children and he flat out told me this had nothing to do with money.

Finally the last piece of the puzzle that leads me to think Fine may be innocent. The disgusting and disgraceful ambulance chaser Gloria Allred who hasn't seen a high publicity case she wouldn't jump on held a press conference on Tuesday and said they were going to sue Syracuse and Jim Boeheim. But wait I thought it wasn't about money. Hmmmm.

A few other things bothered me about this case. The media-especially the print media which I loath jumped on this and when Boeheim put up an ardent denial and said no ball boys ever go on the road the lazy "journalists" never bothered to fact check that. These same trash "journalists" who have destroyed many a lives with their lazy and horrible reporting swooped in like hawks but have  you noticed not much since the outset. I have witnessed this before. We all have. remember the Duke lacrosse rape case..Oh liar "journalist' had those guys guilty until they weren't..Of course they were guilty cause their parents were wealthy and they were white and the "alleged" victim was just a hard working stripper and she was Black. Of course these kids were guilty the disgraceful media declared. Until they weren't. By the time the facts started coming out the "journalists" went away. Too busy to do any reporting or digging. Oh no it didn't fit what they wanted the case to be about. Bad rich White kids raped a poor hard working single mother who had to be a stripper to feed her kids. That's the dispicable media for you. In the Fine case when the 'alleged" 3rd victim was found to be a child molester the lying journalists well they just moved on like the vermin they are

Now let me make this clear- I don't know Bernie Fine at all. Never met him. I am not going to hitch my reputation to a stranger and can not proclaim 100% certainty that he isn't guilty but  my sniffer tells me this right now. We have motive (money) we have accomplices (the media) we have a strange and seems jilted wife and jilted former ball boy and his step brother who wanted no part of this back in 2002 yet now was all in. The audio tape proves nothing. Perhaps Fine made overtures. Perhaps not.Perhaps Fine talked about sex with youngsters. Perhaps not. Perhaps Fine is weird but weird isn't illegal. Now we have  a media that has left the scene. We have an opportunistic ambulance chaser in Allred. We have lawsuits for defamation which won't hold up in any court room against Boeheim according to experts who know this a whole lot better then I. Yes folks I think we have a big lie here and possibly at the cost of 1 man's reputation and career. You think the media will write any sob stories or report on that? Don't hold your breath for 1 second waiting for that