Is it wrong to wear the jersey of a player who is no longer on your team when you go to your teams' home game?

This question was posted by Scott C on "The Noe Show" Facebook page.  It got me thinking.  When is it right or wrong to wear a jersey of a former player who's no longer with the team?

As a general rule of thumb, if an outdated or vintage jersey causes a mostly negative reaction from your fellow fans, don't wear it.  Examples:  LeBron James Cavs' jersey.  Terrell Owens Bills' jersey.  Brett Favre Jets' jersey.

If an outdated or vintage jersey causes a mostly positive reaction from your fellow fans, go for it.  Examples:  Emmitt Smith Cowboys' jersey.  Edgerrin James Colts' jersey.  Dan Marino Dolphins' jersey.

It's not that difficult to figure out if most fans will approve or disapprove of your jersey choice.  Use your head and avoid being "that guy."  "I'm trying to be cool, although I'm not, by wearing a jersey that brings back bad memories guy."  Not cool.