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Toughest Opponent In “Mike Tyson’s Punchout”
Earlier today on "The Noe Show," we played the theme music from the video game "Mike Tyson's Punchout" and Brian Noe got all gushy with memories from his childhood. With his momentary flashback came this question - who was the toughest opponent in the video g…
Josh Beckett’s Handling Of The Media
Do you think Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett handled his postgame press conference the right way or the wrong way? Do you think the media should care what Beckett does on his off-days?
Dave Attell Interview
Comedian Dave Attell will be performing at The Egg this Saturday.  The well-known comic and former host of "Insomniac" dropped by "The Noe Show."
What Do You Hate About Sports?
What are some things about sports that drive you crazy?  There are a couple of things that I had to get off of my chest as we get closer to March Madness.
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
A peanut butter & jelly sandwich is basically a one-a-day vitamin for me Capital Region.  Sometimes I'm faced with a tough decision when it comes to eating a PB & J though.
Jersey Etiquette
Is it wrong to wear the jersey of a player who is no longer on your team when you go to your teams' home game?