The Buffalo Bills made headlines Tuesday night when it was reported that head coach Doug Marrone may have cancer.

After a whirlwind of speculation, it was announced that Marrone found a cancerous mole on his skin during a recent doctor's visit. Marrone says that this will have no effect on his ability to coach the Bills. This comes from Jeff Russo of WKBW in Buffalo.

Marrone had this to say last night in a statement that was released by the Bills public relations staff (from Yahoo! Sports):

"During a recent doctor's visit, it was discovered that I had a cancerous mole on my skin, which has since been removed. The only follow up required is to have my moles checked every 3 months and that basically is the end of the story. The recent extraction procedure will have no effect on my ability to coach the team moving forward."

The initial story caught people's attention and speculations because the Bills website reported -- for a short time -- that Marrone had cancer, according to Deadspin!

The Bills website had a story entitled "Coach Marrone Announces He Has Cancer," up for a brief period on Tuesday. It was clearly published prematurely and was unfinished as there were spaces left for the type of cancer and quotes from Marrone.

It also allowed for a number of questions to be asked, but all appear to be answered now. And that's something we are all grateful for.

For more, see the Yahoo! piece here.