After Mike D'Antoni's sudden departure earlier this week, Mike Woodson is left to pick up the pieces.  He says that when it comes to the big shots, he'll be leaning on his stars.

Carmelo Anthony never really fit into the system that Mike D'Antoni was running in New York.  Now, it looks like they are creating a system that will revolve around him.  Now that D'Antoni is out, the focus has switched to the players, who many  believe are the real problem.  Interim head coach Mike Woodson said that he's going to rely on his stars.

I want everybody to know, when it comes to nut-cutting time and I've got a big shot, I'm going to Melo and Amare and guys that have done it.

- Mike Woodson

Woodson is going to rely on Stoudemire heavily in the post, while he'll let Carmelo do his own thing.  Right now Amare is averaging 17 points a game, and Anthony is averaging 21.  Both of those averages are low numbers for those stars.