A dreadful one-minute stretch for Mirza Teletovic included three airballs.  The commentators had a field day making light of this horrid display.

Mirza Teletovic hit a low point in his NBA career on Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons.  The Brooklyn Nets forward managed to airball three shots within one minute.  Forget about this being a low point in Teletovic’s NBA career, this was a low point for Bosnian hoops.  Three airballs in one minute?  Really?

The commentating team had plenty of fun at Teletovic’s expense.  After Teletovic’s first airball, a commentator said, “One of these days, they’re going to take a point away for an airball.”  There should definitely be a point deducted for three airballs by the same player.  The Nets held on to win the game 93-90.

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