The NFL lockout could finally come to an end on Friday if the NFL Players Association votes in favor of accepting the terms of a new CBA.  Keep hope alive.

NFL owners agreed to terms on a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement on Thursday.  That sounds great.  The only problem is that the owners agreed to a proposal that they wrote up themselves.  That like making a statement and then saying, "Yeah, I agree with what I just said."

According to the players, the owners also added a few things that hadn't been agreed to previously.  The owners are making an attempt to get the upper hand on a few issues.  ESPN is reporting that the Players Association will vote on whether to accept or reject the proposed 10-year CBA that the owners have already agreed to.  If the players agree to the deal, all of this tedious talk about a labor dispute will go away and we can finally focus on ball.  I'm tired of seeing guys in suits talking business.  I want to see players in pads annihilating each other.