How many stories do you know when there are NO heroes even when the events are horrific. Think about that. Usually someone,usually someone not in the spot light at the least steps up. However in the Penn State sex abuse case their are NONE. From the top down this whole thing stinks like bad foot odor in a worn out shoe. Joe Paterno-No. he did the minimum and then turned a blind eye. The AD Curly-Good grief no.he covered it up after Joe Pa and others told him about Jerry Sandusky's alleged heinous acts. The School President Spanier- Not a chance. he has even called off Joe Pa's presser for today. Hey Spanier do you really think you cna hide from this you dope! How about the former player turned coach McQueary who saw Sandusky forcing a child to have sex in the locker room shower- nope not he either. I mean no one  came to the rescue of the kids however they all did a CYA. The NY Times is now reporting that Paterno will exit after this year. Sorry PSU not good enough. Joe should quit with some,but very little dignity and Spanier should be fired TODAY as should  McQueary. McQuery saw Sandusky in the act and ran like a child himself instead of breaking it up. All these cowards are claiming they did something-yeah fellas the bare minimum.

The question now after Paterno is out and that will be shortly maybe before this weeks game against Nebraska is what is left of this great man's legacy? 61 years he has done the right thing in my opinion. Clean program,kids graduated,wins piled up although the last few years have not been PSU like. Does this non action by Joe Pa wipe out all the great things he has done for young men and charity. That's a question I will wrestle with as a Joe Pa fan. No heroes this time only villians and that is sad