I must admit I mocked the Brooklyn Nets a few hours before the trading deadline, thinking their offer to the Boston Celtics was laughable. Well the joke is on me as the Celts took the package from the Nets, and now the Nets are championship contenders.

The Nets send the C's a package of mediocre players and 3 first round draft picks and get back Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and the Jet Jason Terry. A great deal for Brooklyn as they are in the go for it now mode!

The trade was contingent on Garnett waiving his no trade clause. My guess is Celts GM Danny Ainge told KG we are rebuilding here and winning won't be soon. My further guess is the Garnett is a winner and doesn't want to spend his last 2 years in all probability losing a lot of games so he waived the no trade and the Nets are serious title contenders right now.

The deal looks like this: Going to Brooklyn are future hall of famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett along with Jason Terry. The Celts get Reggie Evans, Tornike Shengelia (Who is this guy?) Gerald Wallace, the expiring contract of Kris Khardashian-ooops Humphries, and the Nets 1st round picks in 2014, 2016, and 2018. I am thinking the Celtics must have forgotten how long it took for them to rebuild after the Larry Bird era.

The Nets are loaded, and unlike last year when i thought they were pretenders, they are now legit contenders.

My next question is what will the Knicks do to counter publicity starved Mickhail Prokorov. Both the Knicks and Nets love the back page of the sports section so the battle is on again. Perhaps now it can be said that Knicks owner James Dolan won't get any sleep because of Brooklyn!