If I were Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals, I would go to whatever religious institution I believe in and give thanks that the Nationals are so generous and so absurd!

The Nats, a nice young and upcoming team, gave their 3rd baseman a 100 million dollar contract extension today. Last year he managed all of 12 hrs and 49 RBI. Yes you read the right. 12 homeruns and 49 RBI. Let me repeat that 1 more time. 12 HRS and 49 RBI. Oh wait- my bad, he hit 289.

Okay, I have my balance back. Are you kidding me?! Zim is a nice player. Yes, he was hampered by injuries last year, but still had 395 at bats and this is what he managed to put up. The deal is a 6 year extension on his year left from his last contract. The average salary makes Zimmerman the second-highest paid 3rd baseman behind steroid cheat A-Rod.

Zimmerman has played 6 years of over 100 games for The Nats. He was their top draft pick the year after they moved from Montreal. He has averaged 21 hrs and 83 RBI in those years and also plays a solid 3rd base having won a gold glove. But one hundred mil? Really? Hey, I am a capitalist so get what you can, but is opening up about this deal and the "new" market now for 3rd baseman this would scare me if I owned a ball club.

By the way, if you can name me the one person who has ever bought a  ticket to go see R. Zimmerman play a game, let me know. One hundred mil for a nice- but not great- player. Can't wait to see how they bash the big money clubs for this contractual disaster!